Everything you need!

Can be used anywhere, anytime! A complete kit with catheter, water and collection bag.

The need to do catheterization makes daily activities easier when you use LoFric® Hydro-KittmLoFric® Hydro-Kittm is simple, discreet and friendly. It’s all in one! No preparation, no planning! You do not need access to water or toilet. Ideal for home, travel and active life.  Wheelchair users find it particularly convenient.

  • Simple, discreet and safe
  • Greater freedom
  • Easy to use

The probe has the same technical characteristics as all Lofric catheters.

The surface of the catheter has the special technology Urotonictm which is isotonic to urine giving low friction in both the insertion and withdrawal from urethra.

The firm grip ensures safety and hygiene without needing to touch the catheter with your fingers.


The catheter is straight and has a rounded tip.
Available in various types for men, women and children
and in all sizes from CH 06 to CH 24.

  • For men: 40 cm
  • For women: 15 and 20 cm
  • For children: 20 and 30 cm


The catheter has an angled, tapering tip and is specially designed for men with tight urinary tracst, prostate problems or strictures.