A special catheter without drainage eyes, for dilatation.

Used for the treatment of urethral strictures.  

The tube of the catheter is made of non-toxic,  hypoalleric, high-quality  polymer materials for medical use. The outer layer of the catheter Lofric Dila-Cath has the technology Urotonictm. The result is a wet and slippery surface that is in principle frictionlessThe catheter’s tip has a carefully designed stiffness so that there is no risk of it bending in tight passages or at the structure itself.

Immerse the catheter for 30” in clean water in order to activate the hydrophilic surface.

LoFric Dila Cath is available in these sizes:

  • Nelaton 40cm in length and size  CH16
  • Nelaton 40cm in length and size CH18