Urology Division

The Urology Department is a well-organized marketing & sales department of the internationally recognized urological catheters under the name Lofric® of the Swedish company Wellspect HealthCare ex. Astrazeneca Tech the first company in the world who manufactured hydrophilic self-lubricating catheters for intermittent catheterization.

Lofric® catheters have a wide range of types and serve all the needs ex. intermittent catheterization, the treatment of urethral strictures and drug outflow into the bladder.

The Department of Urology also includes the product “Self-adhesive External Peripheral Silicone Catheters” specially designed for the control of male urinary incontinence. The products are manufactured by the leading company BD.

The nursing services of the ‘Home Care’ department of the Urology Department by our specialized staff meet the highest requirements for support and care of patients who use our urological products.