Dialysis Water Treatment Systems

Central Twin Pass Reverse Osmosis Unit

Dialysate consists of 99% water. Therefore, water plays a central role in dialysis treatment. The blood of a dialysis patient is purified annually with up to 25,000 liters of dialysate.

The holistic Herco system hercopur assures a responsible and efficient use of water.

The optimum and maximum operational safety is achieved by usisng a hercopur twin pass reverse osmosis sytem. The twin pass system has two reverse osmosis units placed in series. This will not only guarantee highest quality purewater through double pass technology, but also the highest operational saftey since both units can also be operated independently without downtime.

  • Highest operational safety through complete redundancy
  • Stainless steel, orbitally welded 
  • Highest purewater quality 
  • Deposits are avoided by series arrangement of thinly coiled membrane elements 
  • Design without dead zones 
  • Fully automatic and freely selectable operating intervals 
  • Automatic disinfection
  • Remote control possible