Pharma Division

The Pharmaceutical Division is one of Ariti’s fastest growing sectors

Ariti has been active in the pharmaceutical area since the end of 2008.

The first pharmaceutical product (LETRAFEM/ letrozole), was authorised back in June 2011 and quickly gained recognition in Oncology for the treatment of breast cancer.

In 2019, a new business unit was created, consisting of executives specialized in orphan drugs, aiming to offer therapeutic solutions to patients in Greece and Cyprus, diagnosed with a rare disease.

The scientifically trained personnel of the pharmaceutical division interacts with healthcare professionals and participates continuously in the most important domestic or international medical events. Α well-organized Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance department constitutes another crucial part of this division, with personnel of great expertise.

Finally, with the constant research of the global market and the longstanding cooperation with reliable companies of the pharmaceutical industry, Ariti deploys an ambitious development plan for the years to come.

For scientific information and pharmacovigilance please call +30 2108002650 οr +30 6981672031, or send us an e-mail at