Lofric Catheters

LoFric Origo

The new catheter LoFric Origo was designed to make life easier for people who are living with catheterisation.

The new LoFric Origo is a male catheter desinged to provide safe, hygienic and convenience.

It can be used everywhere and anytime. It offers safe cathetirisation in a clever package, bringing true comfort, control and discretion into one user-friendly catheter.

  • Instant activation – always fresh,  LoFric Origo is always ready to use.
  • The unique Urotonictm Surface Technology minimizes friction and makes catheterisation  safe and comfortable both at insertion and withdrawal.
  • Adjastable Insertion Grip for better grip and control with no need to touch the catheter tube
  • Discreet packaging, doubles a a hygienic disposal pouch

Nelaton and Tiemann

Ch 10 - Ch 18, 40 cm


Ch 08 - Ch 12, 30 cm

Be you with the NewLoFricOrigo!
The Only Right Choice!